The cat too chubby to squeeze into a cage has finally found a forever home…

Cat enthusiasts have been all abuzz these past few days, thanks to one hefty feline.

(Its sheer size alone is a sight to see, right?)

This chunky kitty was discovered wandering the streets on January 2nd. The person who stumbled upon it was taken aback by its massive size and quickly whisked it off to the Richmond Animal Care and Control Center.

Cats usually get a cage at the rescue center, but this “big rig” was just too large for any of their available spots.

Good thing the center had an empty kitten nursery, which became this big guy’s temporary abode.

(Dominating the nursery like a massive truck)

This cat, about 2 years old and a recent arrival, tips the scales at 13 kilograms, more than double the average.

Its unique size earned it the nickname “One Frosty Too Many” at the center, but let’s just call it “Ice Cream”.

The rescue team waited until January 8th to make sure no one came forward to claim Ice Cream. After that, they put up its adoption listing.

To help Ice Cream shed some pounds, the center put it on a diet regimen (small servings of low-calorie cat food), which, predictably, turned Ice Cream into a bit of a grump from hunger…

So, in the adoption ad, the center added a special note:

“We all love a cat with a little extra to love, and trust us, this cat’s got the squishiest belly in town!

Sure, Ice Cream can be a bit moody, but it’s just the diet talking. Once it slims down, it’ll be much happier.

Other than that, Ice Cream is an absolute dream buddy!”

⭐️⭐️ADOPTED⭐️⭐️You KNOW we love a cat with a belly, and lord almighty this one has the best belly in town. Meet One…

Posted by Richmond Animal Care and Control on Monday, January 8, 2024

(Adoption ad)

Thanks to its size, Ice Cream quickly became a standout among the adoptable cats, attracting quite a few applications.

In the end, a lady named Maggie Thompson earned the privilege of taking care of Ice Cream (and its weight-loss journey).

(Maggie meeting Ice Cream for the first time)

Maggie, who owns a pet care business, fell head over heels for this adorable furball after spotting Ice Cream online. She was quick to apply as soon as adoptions opened.

And Ice Cream seemed to like her too.

Despite being a tad grumpy from the diet, Ice Cream cozied up and purred on Maggie’s lap right from their first meeting.

Maggie knew then she had to take Ice Cream home.

There are already two sons and a pair of cats at her house, each resident feline weighing around 3 kilograms—altogether, they still don’t match Ice Cream’s heft…

(Maggie meeting Ice Cream for the first time)

Before bringing Ice Cream home, Maggie filled out a commitment form to help it slim down, agreeing to the twice-daily meals of low-calorie cat food until Ice Cream halves its weight.

She brought Ice Cream home in a dog crate (since a regular cat crate was too small).

Once home, Maggie renamed Ice Cream to Gussie and gave it its own space.

Gussie is still in the adjustment period and hasn’t met the house’s original crew.

But just seeing Gussie’s relaxed demeanor, like a giant, kneadable lump of dough, it’s clear this cat has found the perfect home.

(Maggie with Gussie)

Maggie’s committed to Gussie’s weight loss journey and even plans to start a social media page to track the progress.

“But no matter what, we love it just the way it is.”

Netizens shared their joy upon hearing Gussie found a loving home:

Such a cute little (?) kitty!

So happy it’s been adopted. It’s still young and I hope it spends many years with its new family.

Remember, two things can get you through life’s rough patches—music and cats.

Interestingly, a lot of cats like Gussie, with their notable chubbiness, often go viral online.

This fame helps them find homes quicker.

But the real challenge for them isn’t finding a family, it’s getting fit…

Just a friendly reminder: obesity in cats is a serious health issue. Being overweight brings risks like hormonal imbalances, heart disease, and arthritis, which can shorten their lives.

So for the sake of their longevity and our companionship, it’s crucial to look after their health and feed them wisely…

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