Remember Cinder-Block, the Cat Who Shot to Fame for Being Chubby? Here’s What Happened Next!

Back in 2019, a video of a hefty grey cat on a treadmill took the internet by storm. This chubby feline was half-heartedly ‘running’ in water, while looking utterly miserable and meowing at people.

(Cinder-Block’s rise to fame)

Cinder-Block, overfed and poorly managed by its owner, ballooned to a whopping 26 pounds.

This chubby kitty’s rise to internet stardom sparked a lot of conversations among vets about the growing issue of feline obesity.

Experts pointed out that Cinder-Block wasn’t alone in this struggle.

In fact, more than half of America’s cats are battling the bulge, with the average cat tipping the scales at over 20 pounds.

Because Cinder-Block was so overweight, it had to join a vet clinic’s weight loss boot camp.

Fast forward to today, four years down the line, and Cinder-Block has been transformed! Adopted by a clinic staff member, with daily exercise, this feline has slimmed down to a healthier 13 pounds and is still on a mission to hit that 11-pound goal.

Talk about a purr-fect transformation!

(Cinder-Block’s sleek new look after shedding the pounds)


Cinderblock is healthy, happy, and always well taken care of. Please leave your shit comments at the door 😂 #catsoftiktok #cat #traveltok #update

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