originally intended to provide a peaceful retirement for a 20-year-old cat, but then…🐾❤️

Miranda Pietzsch welcomed a 20-year-old ginger feline, Roxanne, into her home from an animal shelter.

The staff at the shelter shared that Roxanne was left there by her previous owner, who considered her too old for adoption.

Roxanne had no choice but to stay in the less-than-ideal shelter, eventually facing her final days alone.
But then, fate took a turn!

A cat lover at heart, Miranda decided to visit the shelter one day, aiming to adopt her very first kitten.

After touring the shelter with a volunteer, everyone thought Miranda would go for a young kitten. To their surprise, she chose Roxanne, who was curled up in a corner.

The volunteer informed her, “Roxanne is a 20-year-old cat. Caring for an elderly cat requires a lot of time and effort, and she may not have much longer. Are you sure about adopting her?”

Contrary to expectations, Miranda was set on giving Roxanne a home.

On January 14, 2022, she brought the 20.5-year-old Roxanne home.

Miranda cared for Roxanne diligently, but age and weak immunity often led to health issues.

Whenever Roxanne fell ill, Miranda wasted no time in getting her medical attention.

This commitment significantly increased Roxanne’s medical expenses.

Thanks to Miranda’s loving care, Roxanne remained lively and active, defying her age with the energy of a young kitten.

Unlike many older cats who lose interest in play, Roxanne still enjoyed her toys, like cat teaser wands.

Miranda said, “Roxanne is adorable. After I eat chips, she loves to play with the empty bag.”

“She’s also very affectionate, enjoys head rubs, and purrs contentedly beside me, which is incredibly soothing.”

“I’m so fortunate to have such a wonderful cat.”

Realizing Roxanne’s time might be limited, Miranda arranged a special photoshoot to capture these precious moments.

Roxanne behaved perfectly during the photoshoot, showcasing the gentle nature of senior cats.

Roxanne even got a stylish sun hat to strut her stuff in style!

A photo of Roxanne sleeping peacefully in Miranda’s arms is among her most cherished.

As months passed, Miranda was concerned Roxanne might not make it to Halloween, hesitating to plan any festivities.

But Roxanne proved her resilience, celebrating Halloween 2022 with Miranda.

“This was Roxanne’s 21st Halloween and our very first together!”

Roxanne also recently celebrated her 22nd birthday, complete with a big party and cake, surrounded by friends.

The volunteer who helped with the adoption was amazed, calling Roxanne’s health a miracle.

Miranda’s story of adopting Roxanne touched many online, sparking conversations about elderly pet adoption.

At 23, Miranda deeply values her time with Roxanne, who is nearly her age.

She hopes Roxanne’s story will inspire others to consider adopting older cats.

Older cats are known for their wisdom, gratitude, and gentle, stable nature.

Every cat deserves love and care, regardless of age,

And every cat deserves a devoted caretaker for their twilight years.

Harvey Wells

I am an intense cool pets lover. I have tortoises, tarantulas and a few other exotic pets. And I would love to share what I have learned.

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