A three-legged stray cat grasped a young woman’s hand, pleading to be taken home. She initially walked away, leading to a heartwarming twist the next day: “Please, take me home…”

Meet Ekim, a little survivor cat that had just faced a life-threatening ordeal with its front leg, only to find a human angel who could offer true warmth and care.

Ekim’s story began with a tragic accident on the streets of Turkey. Rescued and rushed to a hospital, it was a race against time. The injuries were so severe that amputation was the only way to save this brave feline.

During its recovery in the hospital, while the doctor pondered over finding Ekim a forever home, fate stepped in. A young woman walked into the hospital and instantly locked eyes with Ekim.

The little fighter, with all its might, waved its paw, desperately trying to connect with her, as if begging her not to leave.

The doctor explained Ekim couldn’t return to a shelter due to its special needs and was in urgent need of a loving home. The woman, deeply moved, left but couldn’t shake off the image of Ekim’s longing gaze.

Haunted by the memory of their first meeting, she found herself drawn back to the hospital. Luckily, Ekim was still there. The moment they reunited, she embraced Ekim, making the life-changing decision to bring it home.

Ekim couldn’t be happier with its new human, having chosen its own personal caregiver. On its first day home, Ekim showed its affection by nuzzling her head. It would even make endearing sounds when she left the room, a sweet, melodious protest.

The woman devoted her time to Ekim, nurturing it in a loving environment. Ekim’s resilience shone through as it adapted to life on three legs, its lively and smart nature quickly mastering mobility.

But there’s more. Ekim became fast friends with every cat in the household, forming an inseparable bond, sharing meals, and cozying up together for naps.

From a hard life on the streets to a home filled with love and companionship, Ekim found its happy ending.

Now, the hope is for Ekim to continue thriving in its joyful, healthy life. Ekim’s story reminds us of the countless strays braving the cold, waiting for a chance to be loved.

Let’s do our part, however small, to spread warmth and compassion to these furry friends in need.

Harvey Wells

I am an intense cool pets lover. I have tortoises, tarantulas and a few other exotic pets. And I would love to share what I have learned.

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