7 Best Turtle Tanks In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

Turtles need safety, comfort, and other essential items for their survival. One way to show them that you care is by providing the best turtle tank like the seaclear acrylic aquarium. We know it can be an uphill task to find the best aquarium, given the hundreds of options available. Due to that, we are here to help you research to find the most suitable home for your buddy. 

In this article, we’re going to review the following turtle tanks:

Best Turtle Tanks

7 Best Turtle Tanks Reviewed

Are you having trouble finding the best turtle tank for your buddy? If so, look no further. We will present to you our top five selections to make your search easier. We have assorted tanks of various shapes, sizes, and materials to expand your options.Read on for a detailed review.

1. Reptile Habitat Aquarium

If you are on a tight budget or a beginner with a small turtle, this reptile habitat is the right one for you. It is one of the smallest on our list, measuring about 3 gallons. The size allows you to house hatchlings and other miniature reptiles and amphibians, particularly those measuring approximately 2.5-3 inches. The material is made of durable plastic that is non-toxic and easy to clean; hence, completely safe for your tortoise. You don’t need to worry about it falling and breaking or hurting your pet in the process. 

It comes with an in-built ramp and a feeding bowl at the top. The ramp is non-slip, offering enough grip for your pet to easily walk on. Thus, your turtle can get into and out of the water to bask at the top. Whenever your buddy is tired of swimming and needs to relax, the section will offer a comfortable place to absorb UV light and heat from a natural or artificial source. Similarly, you don’t have to serve food on another dish; you can place the food in the in-built bowl. 

The kidney-shaped enclosure has different sections, each serving a specific purpose. The platform where the ramp leads is the lounge area for resting. The second section is filled with water, shallow for small turtles to help them swim, while the other area is for feeding. Unlike other tanks, you don’t need to have a separate feeding bowl. Lastly, there is a secluded region where your tortoise can peacefully hibernate. 

The best thing about this tank is that it is open, allowing you to check on your turtle whenever you need to. There is also enough space to let in light, fresh air, and heat. However, being open has its downsides; if you have other pets in the house, they can easily reach over and snatch your reptile away. Also, if you leave the tank outside, a predator can attack your turtle. You have to keep a close eye on your tank at all times. 


  • It has four sections; swimming, basking, feeding, and hibernating
  • It is made of durable, non-toxic plastic
  • It is easy to clean


  • It is only effective for small turtle species
  • It is open to predators and household pets
  • It does not come with heating or lighting fixtures

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2. SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium

If you want to use your tank for aesthetic reasons, you will find this tank an elegant statement piece. The turtle and the decorations in the tank will look incredible, especially with appropriate lighting. The container has smooth seams, and the edges are rounded, unlike other sharp-edged alternatives. You also don’t need to worry about your giant tortoise not fitting into the enclosure because it is fifty gallons. The rectangular aquarium measures 15 by 36 by 20 inches, and it guarantees your pet enough space to swim, exercise, and play. 

Another plus is that the tank is made of acrylics, which are clearer and stronger than glass. With this tank, you don’t have to worry about it cracking or breaking, making it safe even around children and in areas with high traffic. It is secure under the impact, and other pets or predators cannot get to your turtles. There is no chipping, bending, or discoloration, making it value for your money.  Moreover, the material is lighter than glass, hence easy for you to lift and relocate your turtle when you want to. It also helps that it allows the use of fresh and saltwater, which allows you to house any turtle species.

Regarding safety, it has a fixed top that keeps your tortoise safe from escaping and from predatory attacks. This product will not fail you in terms of quality. From the invisible seems to the clear walls, you are sure of one of the market’s best products. For this purchase, you get a reflector and a light fixture alongside your aquarium. These accessories save you the hassle and costs of buying them separately. 


  • It is lightweight, durable, and stronger than glass
  • It comes with a light fixture and reflector


  • It is tasking to find a befitting bulb to connect to the light fixture

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3. Aqueon Standard Glass Aquarium

This tank is a simple rectangular structure made of glass and has its edges strengthened with silicon. It is ideal for most turtle species that grow to approximately twelve inches and below, but it can effectively host two hatchlings. The product also comes in different sizes, and you can choose one depending on the number of turtles you need to keep. The Aqueon aquarium is made from high-quality glass that can hold both fresh and saltwater turtles. 

However, this tank does not come with any accompanying gadgets. Therefore, you will have to buy most appliances such as filters, lighting sources, and a pump, among other accessories, including its lid. Finally, note that the tank contains a reasonable amount of water when full. Thus, it would be wise to place the aquarium on a sturdy table to avoid falling and breakages, leading to losses and fatalities.


  • It made of durable, high-quality glass material
  • It comes in various sizes to choose from
  • The tank is multipurpose


  • It does not come with any accessories

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4. Fluval Spec V Turtle Aquarium

Fluvial spec 5 gallon is the ultimate choice you can think of; it is convenient, elegant, simple to assemble, and comes with a mountain of features that you will surely love. Besides, it is thoughtfully designed with your pet in mind. The fluvial spec kit comes with an LED lighting source, a glass aquarium with a cover, a transformer, activated carbon, foam blocks, a pump, and fluvial biomax. The kit weighs 5kgs; hence, it is light, and you can move it from one place to the next without hassles. 

It comes with a beautiful lighting system that consists of great LED lamps to put on the tank top to illuminate the aquarium for clear vision to monitor the plants and the turtle’s activities while in the enclosure. Fluval also comes with a three-stage filtration structure that cleans and decontaminates water for the turtle. The water passes through the foam block, activated carbon, and, finally, the biomax bio rings that filter out all that is left behind by the other two filters. Also, the circulation pump is robust enough with an adjustable outlet nozzle allowing you to set the current of water flowing in the aquarium. It also has minimal noise that mostly goes unnoticed. 

Interestingly, fluvial spec V comes with its pump and filtration structure well-designed at a compartment at the end of the tank, simplifying any repairs and maintenance. The sleek design will fit perfectly and look incredible whether you place it at home, your workplace desk, or countertops. Its striking aesthetics will leave your friends and family awed. However, the tank is small and is best for hatchlings as you consider a bigger enclosure. 


  • It has a magnificent lighting system
  • It has a powerful pumping system
  • It has an unrivaled filtering structure


  • The Fluvial Spec tank is quite pricey

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5. Geegoods Turtle Habitat

If you need a simple turtle aquarium for your small shelled buddy, Geegoods tank is a great investment. It is a beautiful piece that you can use as aesthetics in your home or office. The Aquarium kit is light to carry around, and you can change its location or position at any time. Its mini size also makes it convenient in conserving space, and it is pocket-friendly, coming with great features that you will love.

Geegoods Turtle tank is easy to clean because it is detachable and easy to reassemble, even for a beginner. Besides, it has a ramp that your turtle can climb to fetch food up the ladder. It helps that the stairs are not too steep to cause fallbacks into the swimming area. Atop the ramp is the feeding area where your pet can bask before going back into the water. For security, it has a top layer that prevents escaping and attacks. 


  • The tank is pocket friendly
  • It saves on space in your house


  • It has no top covering 
  • It is inefficient for adult turtles
  • It doesn’t come with a light source

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6. Marina Aquarium Kit

If you are a beginner looking to test turtle-keeping waters, the 5 gallon Marina aquarium is here to your rescue. Although the manufacturers had fish in mind, it will still work great for turtles, especially miniature species and hatchlings. The purchase includes some basic items you need to kick start your turtle-owning journey. It has a starter kit consisting of a net, feeds, water conditioner, and a filter with three cartridges. This filter is surprisingly quiet and effectively helps decontaminate the water for your pet’s health.

Besides the filter and other items, the aquarium also comes with a water conditioner, making it safe to use tap water to fill it up. Similarly, this kit will save you trouble by giving you a head start with your turtle care, and the additional items make it a great deal for your money. If you want to make the tank a conversation starter or a center of attraction for your room, the inbuilt LED lighting system will do that for you by effortlessly blending with the furniture in your house or office. 


  • The purchase comes with a care kit of essential items
  • It has an inbuilt LED lighting system   


  • The tank has a low capacity

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7. Tetra Aquarium Tank Kit

the tetra aquarium is another exclusive tank with great accompaniments and unique features that you will adore. The twenty-gallon option is big enough for your turtles, doesn’t consume much space in your room, and its additional accessories fit perfectly. This product is an ideal choice and one of the best gifts for your little buddy. 

First, the tetra glass aquarium is a durable kit made of a robust glass material, resistant to scratches and other slight impacts. It also has a hood fitted with LED lighting that doesn’t only bring about the daylight effect but also helps check on your pet turtle’s progress and the entire aquarium environment. Additionally, the tank comes with a heater to warm the enclosure for your pet, ensuring that they live and thrive even in captivity. 


  • It is durable 
  • It comes with other accessories 
  • It is easy to assemble


  • It is difficult to click the hood in place

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What To look for in a Turtle Tank

Nothing says you love your pet more than providing a safe and cozy place they can call home. A turtle tank is a long-term investment that needs careful planning and decision-making. Undoubtedly, the better your pet’s home, the happier it will be. Our mission is to give you the key factors to consider before making this important purchase; read on as we give you the ultimate guide. 


The first factor to consider is the tank’s material. It has to be see-through to monitor your pet whenever you need to and assess the surrounding conditions. Most glass aquariums come in this design for your pet’s safety and your peace of mind. In contrast, some tans are made of plastic and come in different colors. These come in small sizes and are suitable for small turtles, ensuring that you take a peek from the top. One advantage of plastic aquariums over glass enclosures is the certainty that they are unbreakable.

Regardless of the type of material, owners always go for the most durable option. A well-constructed tank will be stable and made of sturdy material for your pet’s safety. Such strong aquariums are also great value for your money since they will serve you longer. No one wants cracks in their turtles’ home; hence, for your pet’s sake, always go for a quality tank. To be sure, read the product reviews and conduct your research first. You may have to dig deeper into your pocket, but it is better than frequently purchasing new tanks over the years. 


Even as pets, turtles still need a home that resembles their habitat in the wild. Therefore, the tank should have a dual-zone (aquatic and dry part). This feature is necessary to give your turtle a place to bask when it gets too cold or rest after swimming for a long time. The two sections should also have balance and be of approximately the same size. Let the aquatic area be deep to allow swimming and the dry region to be high enough for the turtle to access heat and lighting.

Secondly, look at the ramp design. It is the joining bridge that guides the turtle to the tank’s dry area. Ensure that it is non-slip to provide a grip enabling your turtle to travel easily going up or down. Similarly, it should be of the right size to accommodate your turtle; the giant your pet, the wider the ramp. Tanks usually decorate their ramps, and you can find one that perfectly suits you.  


Besides being a haven for your turtle, you would want to show it off to your friends and family. Most people love using their aquariums as statement pieces for a room. If you are stylish, you can go for a unique, elegant, contemporary tank that blends well with your furniture to serve as an accent piece. You can also spruce it up by adding decorative pieces, natural or plastic, to make it look like an extract from the ocean.

Lighting and Temperature

Turtles are cold-blooded animals; thus, they need to bask every day to raise their temperatures and grow happy and healthy. Owners usually set up their tank in a conducive place that lets in natural light. You don’t need to panic if you don’t have such a spot, say you live in an apartment building. Some manufacturers have such instances in mind and cleverly include lighting systems that come with your tank. They custom make it to suit your tank size, and you can adjust accordingly. 

The same applies to the temperature. It is critical to install your tank in a convenient spot where your turtle can receive natural heat and light. Otherwise, you can purchase a tank that comes with an inbuilt heating system. The advantage of such technologies is that they provide heat at the right level and serve you even at night. Temperature and light have a direct connection to your pet’s health; therefore, to help your turtle thrive, it is critical to get the levels right at all times.

Aquarium Size

Since your pet will spend most of its life in the enclosure, it is critical to make its home as comfortable as possible. A bigger tank is the best for turtles and particularly new keepers who may not have the skills to work with a small tank. With large tanks, there is enough water and space to counter the toxicity from excretion. The turtles will also have enough space to move freely, exercise, and live comfortably. A tank of over ten gallons will suffice because it will take time before the water chemistry changes. 


If you love your pets, you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to them. Besides the tank’s aesthetics, it is crucial to check your turtle’s safety, especially when alone in the tank. The tank should be of the right size as turtles tend to get stressed when cooped up in tiny spaces. Secondly, any little irritation can freak them out and force them to try to climb out of the tank and get hurt in the process. The aquarium’s shape should be safe in that the turtle cannot easily climb out and fall. 

The added advantage of a wide tank is that the large surface at the top will provide adequate aeration for your reptile. Ideally, you can secure the enclosure with a screen top for maximum safety. Finally, consider placing the tank somewhere safe, perhaps on a fortified table or slab, ensuring it is out of children’s reach and away from areas with a lot of traffic.

Final Verdict

The turtle tank is perhaps the biggest investment you will ever make for your pet. Considering all the factors, we find the Seaclear acrylic aquarium a great choice for you. It is made of acrylic; hence, tougher, clearer, and more lightweight than glass. It is an elegantly designed work of art that can be the attention piece in any room. It also has a high capacity, making it effective even for large tortoises. The plus is that it comes with a light fixture and a reflector; hence, saves you money. A close alternative is the Fluval spec v turtle aquarium. Although it is a pricey option, it is a powerful pumping and filtering system, perfect for keeping your turtle comfortable.

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