5 Best Automatic Turtle Feeders In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

Many keepers go for automatic feeders because they are reliable and provide food even when you are absent. We recommend options like the Zacro Automatic Feeder for any owner who wants regular feeding and at specific intervals. We have assorted some of the best products in the market for you to select the one that works best for your pet.

In this article, we’re going to review the following automatic turtle feeders:

Best Automatic Turtle Feeders

5 Best Automatic Turtle Feeders Reviewed

We conducted research and used personal experiences to select some of the best products in the market. We shortlisted five of our favorite, and, hopefully, you will find one that suits your need. Let’s explore more.

1. NICREW Automatic Feeder

The NICREW feeder is one of the most competitive products in terms of maintaining food quality. The manufacturers understand that your turtle’s food should be hydrated and remain the same even when you are absent, which is why the system has inbuilt ventilation for food freshness. It gets aeration from the top and bottom to ensure constant and adequate air intake. NICREW seals your food to keep it fresh for a long time due to moisture retention.

It runs on double AA batteries, which come with the product, meaning that there is enough power, and you can start using it immediately. You also don’t need to spend more money to buy the batteries, and it saves you the hassle of finding compatible options. The feeder also comes with mounting brackets for easy installation on the tank. You can program it to dispense the desirable portion and has a changeable slider for added precision. The adjustable feeder allows you to administer the food your turtle needs, and you can select the best option from single to triple feeding.

It also makes the feeding easier due to the LCD that helps you set and reset while closely monitoring the levels. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to switch between manual and automatic using the M button, meaning that you can supervise when you are present, and it can still run when you are not around. Most users worry about food restrictions, but this system allows you to provide different-sized feeds. 


  • It is well-ventilated and moisture-proof for food freshness
  • You can adjust it to dispense various portions
  • It works for different food types
  • You can switch from manual to automatic


  • It is quite tasking to insert the batteries
  • It has a low capacity hence cannot run for days

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2. Exo Terra Automatic Turtle Feeder

You must have come across Exo Terra products if you are a seasoned reptile keeper, and they won’t disappoint in this one either. The Exo Terra feeder will come in handy if you are forgetful or need to leave your turtles for a while. It is entirely programmable, and you can adjust it to suit your needs thanks to the LCD that is easy to read and set. This gadget can feed your turtles up to four times every day, meaning that they are well-catered even in your absence. It carries about 200 ml, which is an excellent choice for most turtles regardless of size. 

Besides, it is your best bet if you have a single pet because it guarantees that it will have enough food to last a long time. The barrel is circular and relatively small compared to other systems, but it doesn’t dent its functionality. If you use it, it can serve you for around a week when complete, making it one of the most reliable options. 

It can work for small or medium-sized feeds. Unfortunately, it isn’t suitable for irregular-sized pellets due to its shape and design, as it can block and fail to dispense. Another concern among buyers is the inconsistent food portions. Some worry that they notice some fluctuations in that the system may release too many or too few pellets in different feedings. 


  • It is a reliable feeder and can dispense food for up to a week
  • It allows four times feeding in a day


  • It doesn’t work with irregular-sized pellets
  • It serves inconsistent portions with every feeding

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3. Zacro Automatic Feeder

After careful evaluation of this product and can attest that it is worth every penny of your investment. You can also tell that it is a reliable product thanks to the high ratings and hundreds of reviews. Zacro automatic feeder helps you feed your pet, and you don’t need to worry about having to provide for them in person. This means that you can go on your vacation or have a social life, and at the same time own a turtle. All you need to do is to set the food portion you need, and you will be sure that it will only dispense the correct amount. 

This feeder is unique because you can charge it; hence, you don’t need to buy batteries every time they are depleted. Therefore, it is more eco-friendly and easy on your pocket too. You will also find it long-lasting, able to last hundreds of charge and discharge. If you have tiny turtles and feed in small portions, it can go for a whopping 3-6 months on one full charge. You don’t need to worry if you have giant pets because the system can hold 200 ml of food and can feed them around four times in one day.  

If you are one of the owners who enjoy manually feeding your reptiles, you can do away with the automated system and do it yourself, only switching to automatic when you are away. Another plus is that it accommodates various feed shapes and sizes due to its flexible hole design. You will also find it user-friendly and easy to set the required time and how many times you need it to dispense the food. The system comes with a sturdy clamp for ease of installation, especially on rectangular tanks. Lastly, it is easy to refill it because you only need to slide a section to the side.


  • It has an easy to use interface
  • You can charge it using a USB
  • It has a high food capacity


  • The clamp grip isn’t firm to use on curved aquariums
  • It is too large for tiny aquariums 

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4. Fishmate AutomaticTurtle Feeder

This device is effective and economical in dispensing the turtle’s food. It has fourteen slots that you can fill with certain food portions that the turtle can eat at designated intervals. Unlike other automatic dispensers, the feeders can’t release excess food; this way, you won’t have to deal with wastage. Fishmate can hold different food types and disperse them when you program it making it a reliable option for both beginners and veteran keepers. Additionally, the slot makes the feeder large enough to carry food for days. 

This gadget is easy to use and comes with a low battery indicator system that will notify you about the power levels in the device. An added advantage is that it has brackets that you can use on the tank’s edge. Furthermore, it serves various turtle feeds and the desired freshness due to the air pump that blows air into the system. Moreover, it is suitable for any sized tank; hence, serves any turtle keeper. You will also love that it doesn’t use up a lot of power and can run on an ordinary AA battery for about a year. 


  • It is best for checking overfeeding.
  • It can serve your pet for days while you are away
  • Its battery lasts long (by up to a year) 


  • The design is best for fish
  • Its slots may not serve enough food for a mature turtle in one feeding.

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5. Torlam Automatic Feeder

This feeder is quite reliable, and you can count on it to feed your pets even when you have other commitments. The device is affordable and has high functionality like other big brand names that you may know. This feeder has an impressive large container that can hold about 200 ml for starters. Similarly, it is damp-resistant and wouldn’t allow the pellets to contact moisture from the surrounding. Unfortunately, the Torlam automatic feeder can make your pet overweight before you realize it since it may not dispense the same portions consistently.

Like most feeders on our list, the Torlam automatic feeder has an LCD screen that enables you to program it. You can set it to disperse meals at specific intervals up to four times a day. You will find this device user-friendly since it is easy to manage the timer, and you can effortlessly fix it on the tank. It comes with a mounting bracket that fits most of the aquarium edges. The feeder uses two AA batteries that you can easily replace upon depletion. However, it doesn’t have an alarm to detect your battery status. Additionally, this device lets you feed your pet manually or automatically, depending on your needs.


  • It is simple to mount
  • The device is affordable
  • It dispatches an inconsistent amount of food


  • It doesn’t allow aeration
  • It doesn’t have a low battery timer

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Choosing the Best Automatic Feeder

One of the most tasking aspects when selecting pet products is the uncertainty of the crucial factors. Everyone has specific features to consider, and each turtle has its preference. We understand your ordeal and have established a guide on the key aspects to look out for in an automatic feeder.


The main reason for getting an automatic feeder is to help you feed your pet without necessarily being present. Therefore, you need a reliable system that you can trust to work even without your supervision. It is best not to gamble in your selection because a faulty system means that it can crash at any time leading to starvation, overfeeding, or fatalities in extreme cases. 

On the other hand, you can find an option that dispenses too much food, which can cause obesity and other weight-related issues. Consistent equipment will feed your turtles regularly and release the right portions, not too little or too much. Always go for a well-known product from a reputable manufacturer and conduct a test run first before trusting it to feed your pet in your absence.


The best feeder should have a high capacity to serve you and your turtle. The portion it holds determines how efficient it is because it will be more reliable if it contains a lot of food. If you wish to leave your turtles for some days, you won’t go for a product that needs daily refilling. You can check the item’s volume by looking at the millimeter description to determine how much it can hold. Secondly, you may need a larger dispenser if you have giant turtles that feed a couple of times a day because it won’t take long for the food to run out. 


No product user would go for a complex product. You may need a simple feeder that is easy to install and use. There are various product designs in the market aiming to reach an intended group of owners; therefore, you need to take your time to find the most practical one. It has to be simple to let you program it to dispense the right amount of food and at the correct intervals. 

Some machines have LCDs for easy reading and buttons for fast programming. Other options also come with clamps for effortless fixing at the aquarium edge. The right product should stay in place; else, the system may drop into the tank.  


Your turtle’s food should always remain moist at all times, and you can only achieve this with proper ventilation. Without air circulation, the pellets will dry up and get stale, making the food tasteless and too crunchy for your pet. You can check for aeration systems, a pump, or a fan, or instead have an allowance to set up an independent air pump. The best way to go is to find equipment with an inbuilt system for money value and ease of use.


Most turtle feeders run on standard batteries like the AA or AAA, which will require replacing when the power depletes. It can be inconvenient, especially if you are on a tight schedule and cannot always attend to your pet’s needs. If the batteries run out, the turtle may starve or get fatal. Therefore, it is advisable to consider feeders that come with rechargeable batteries. 

This way, you will save on costs, and your buddy will never go hungry. A suitable feeder is best when equipped with a low-power alert. This alarm will let you know when to recharge or replace your feeder’s batteries. Current automatic feeders have warning systems but always confirm that the signal is easily noticeable for clarity.


It is best to consider your tank and turtle’s size and the pet population before choosing a feeder. Remember that they come in various sizes that will conveniently serve your needs. If you have a tiny tank, it is best to avoid giant automatic feeders that will only take up most of the available space. Your pet needs enough swimming room, and reducing the aquarium size will cramp up their home and lead to stress. If you have a giant turtle or many tiny ones, you may need a large dispenser that can save you from constant refilling, but it shouldn’t be too large to cramp up space.

Food Type

The automatic feeders are restraining when it comes to the type of food they can serve. Typically, they are best known to work with pellets, but certain types can hold fish flakes and other foodstuffs. Thus, your options will be minimal if you aren’t planning on using pellets or fish flakes and other special meals meant for these dispensers.

Slots and Feeding Options

Some feeders ensure that you don’t overfeed your pet, countering obesity and other health problems. Some come with feeding slots that you can fill with food enabling the reptile to eat from each space. A feeder with over ten sections is ideal for your turtle. Secondly, the feeder should have a manual and automatic feeding option. You usually remotely set the feeding time for your shelled friend, but there are times that you may wish to give them food at your own time, and the ability to reprogram the normal operations may come in handy.

Final Verdict

You need a reliable and practical system that is effective and a great way to feed your pet even when you go on vacation for a couple of days. Therefore, we suggest the Zacro Automatic Feeder, which is easy to use and install and is one of the most straightforward gadgets in the market. It is the most eco-friendly option since you only need to recharge it, and you will find it economical because you don’t need to keep replacing the batteries. Our second pick is the NICREW Automatic Feeder, which is equally effective, and the added advantage is that it focuses on food freshness.

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